Things about me

Hi guys! My name is Eldion I am such a fan of school, it is so exciting. I love doing sports because you get friends and also you get fit. In my family I have got my mum, my dad, my brother and my sister that are in prep. My family has been so nice and sopportive to me. Thanks teachers, relatives and friends.

MY birthday

Well on the 8th of December it is my birthday. It will be the best birthday ever. My other family members are coming I wonder what I will get for my birthday I will find out. I also wonder what my cake will look like I will find out.





















































Well all grade twos have pet birds we enjoy playing with them and spending our time with them. We try to learn them to talk. We named them  JJM bird is called MAX JJT is Steve and I do not know the other bird names.


Everyone chistmas is coming we need to get ready. I can not wait s I need to start getting ready it is going to be so fun .Santa gives something nice most people know but I am mot going to tell. Have the best dinner enjoy some time with our family. Eat some yummy pudding in my tummy so you better be good and do not be silly and rember what ever  a grown up family meber says you need to hear it clear so santa gives you a surprize. Go to a shop get a family meber so they can give you a surpize. I love chistmas!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone has friends. we enjoy playing with our friends people at our school always be nice. We always help and never give up. We play fair so we do not have a fight. WE HAVE THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH

Next year

Well next year grade two are going to grade 3.The grade two teachers are teaching us as much as they can so they can make us smart.Grade two are doing as much as they can to learn so they can get better and better so the do not get into trouble and go to Mrs Park’s office.